December Cold Moon

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December 22nd, 2018

As we are rounding out the year’s end, we begin to enter the chrysalis phase of reflection in review as we aim to emerge in the new year with more energy, inspiration, and motivation. December’s Full Moon (12/22/18) is well known as the Cold Moon or Oak Moon. It is during this time of Holiday madness between travel, family visits, and countless hours of shopping, it’s even more important to take time out for self-care and personal reflection.


This Full Moon will bring focus on feelings nestled in the matters of your home, family, and activities tied to “making a house a home”, such as, cooking, gardening, and DIY craft projects with the kiddos.

Be aware of emotional fluctuations that may arise and aim to learn the lessons of “forgive and forget” in order to continue on as smooth as possible from moment to moment. Thinking too much about things surrounding the home can lead to feelings of bitterness while creating distance.

To get through the tides of endings and beginnings in the month of December, stay focused on the joy and humor in life’s instances. Look at our fast past connections with one another as a continued opportunity to enrich our lives with memories, love, and inspiration while taking time out for rest, meditation, and self-care.


Chrysoprase - Said to bring good fortune, remove inferiority complexes, and help mend broken hearts. Old Russian birthstone for December.

Turquoise - Turquoise is a classic Shaman’s stone that provides protection, promotes prosperity, and good luck. It also is a good stone for those born under the sign of Sagittarius, which spans part of December. 

Onyx - The Tibetan birthstone for December, Onyx offers self-mastery, protective energy, and encourages happiness and good fortune.

Bloodstone - Courage, renewal of energy, and grounding of energy are some of the properties of Bloodstone a traditional December birthstone.

Ruby - Ruby is an ancient December birthstone. Ruby sharpens the mind, improves concentration, and is known as a stone of courtly love.