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Sparkling Creations is more than just a bead store,

It is an experience filled with creative possibilities and imagination!

Sparkling Creations is a fun, full service bead, jewelry, and gemstone store located in the heart of downtown Hood River, Oregon. 

We offer a large variety of beads including Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, Czech glass, sterling silver, hand-blown glass and Japanese Toho seed beads.

Our hand-picked selection of gemstone beads includes every color of the rainbow.
 Everything from moonstones, rose quartz, garnet, carnelian, tiger's eye, citrine, peridot, jade, aquamarine, apatite, pearl, amethyst, labradorite, onyx - all in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

If you are looking for findings, jump rings, lobster and toggle clasps, we offer a variety of jewelry making tools and supplies in store.
We also carry hemp cord, silk thread, and selections of other supplies to get you started on your latest project or help you with a new technique. 

We offer a collection of handmade jewelry in a variety of styles created right here at Sparkling Creations.
You will find a wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings; all one of a kind.
We can also help you create your own jewelry with as little or as much help as needed. We love to play with beads! 

Rocks, Crystals, Gemstones & More

Sparkling Creations is not just about beads. We are the only rock, crystal, and gemstone shop in the Columbia River Gorge. We provide rock specimens from our backyard and all throughout the world. You may find a piece of Malachite or Fairy Quartz, a Smokey Quartz Crystal, a Kyanite wand, or an Ammonite fossil to carry home with you. Need a Herkimer Diamond to stay attuned with all aspects of your life or a Rose Quartz to soften the Heart? We are just the location for you! 

Here at Sparkling Creations, we carry a visually stimulating selection of hand-blown glass art. Admire one of Carolyn Crystal’s lamp work beads, stroll through cosmic realms with Galactic Glass pendants, or decorate yourself with an Elizabeth Johnston glass amphora bottle. 

The list of items does not stop there! You can buy a pair of custom beaded earrings, find the perfect glass sculpture for any glass collector, and pick out a local Thunder Egg found in Oregon for the young enthusiast. The only way to see everything is to come in and look!

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The Store

I started selling and dreaming of my own bead store while on a Grateful Dead tour in the 90's. Over the following 16 years I saved up until I was able to move to Hood River and finally was able to fulfill my dream. Sparkling Creations has evolved into something so much more than I had ever imagined.

Without Love in the Dream, It Will Never Come True!

We have been in the Gorge since 2006. In August '08, we made the move onto Oak Street and couldn't be happier with our sunny location. 
You never know what to expect when you walk into the store. It could be an interactive day, a private lesson, a big month long sale, a creative jewelry making session, or our weekly Fun Freaky Fairy Friday Party. We all love working here and spreading our positive energy with our customers and all around town. We love to meet travelers from all over the world and learn about their adventures.

Our little bead store is like walking into a ray of sunshine. All the beads are arranged in clear displays and fun candy dishes dispersed throughout the store. Gemstone and glass strands are lined up like the colors of the rainbow, making it easy to find just the shade you need. There are over a hundred different colors of Swarovski crystals as well as gemstone center pieces and pendants in every hue. 

All the natural light from the front windows and the array of glass shelves really lets our gemstones sparkle. Whether you are looking for a pocket stone to carry with you on a daily basis or a new specimen for your crystal altar, we are sure to have what you are looking for.


Come See Our Kaleidoscope of Colors!

409 Oak Street
Hood River, Oregon, 97031

Phone: (541) 387-4367

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat  10:00 - 6:00

Sunday   11:00 - 5:00 

Tuesday Closed

Sparkling Creations Gems precious stones rocks jewlery jewery making beads earrings necklaces custom  -98.jpg
Sparkling Creations Gems precious stones rocks jewlery jewery making beads earrings necklaces custom  -70.jpg
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